UCP Heartland Gibbs Center Welcomes Lisa Palmer as New Director

If you haven’t met Lisa, you might know Lisa by her other name “Max’s mom.” If you haven’t met Max, look around. He’s iconic at UCP Heartland. The Adult Day program participants at the Gibbs Center in Jefferson City all introduce him this way, “This is Max. He’s my dog!”

Lisa Palmer not only brought Max the Support Dog to the Gibbs Center 2 ½ years ago, she also brought 15 years of experience working with people living with a range of challenges, from behavioral health to developmental disabilities.

As the new Director of the Gibbs Center, Lisa is moving into the position at a pivotal time: the building is undergoing a total renovation. Gibbs Center is also expanding the employment program in Jefferson City, adding two residential apartments and looking at expansion to another city.

Lisa takes this in stride. What she loves best about Gibbs Center? “The feeling of self-worth we give our program participants. The feeling of acceptance. No judgement here.” Lisa said she’s “excited about the future and the opportunity to work with everybody at UCP Heartland.”

Judy Grainger, VP of Programs for Gibbs Center, said about Lisa’s promotion, “Lisa embodies our mission… we’re lucky to have her. She’s the right cog in our wheel.”