Family Support Services

Respite Program, Canterbury Center and Metro St. Louis

Respite Program features two service areas:

 Short-Term Respite - Our caring staff offers families temporary relief from the daily stress of caring for a family member living with a disability. The Respite Program offers temporary scheduled care to adults with disabilities. Services are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

 Emergency Residential - Provides safe, 24-hour residential services for  adults living with disabilities who require emergency assistance in the absence of their regular care giver.

In-Home Supports (St. Louis) Services are delivered in the home and together with their family, program participants select a care provider.

Children’s Camps include two types:

 Summer Voucher (St. Louis County) Provides financial assistance for St. Louis County children with a diagnosed disability to attend a variety of summer camps.

 Summer Day Camp for Children (St. Louis)  A day camp for school-aged children with a disability diagnosis, living in metro St. Louis. Camp meets daily for 10 weeks in the summer, during winter break from school and during spring break.

Program Goal: Provides families with temporary overnight or weekly services that allows relief for family and caregivers.


Outcomes Achieved:

  •  100% in emergency placement have immediate basic needs met (food, clothing, shelter, etc.)
  •  99% experience no unwanted out-of-home placements because of temporary respite services
  •  98% of respite clients remain in a stable living situation
  • 100% using in-home respite gain/maintain
    independent living skills