Residential Services

4645 LaGuardia, Berkeley MO 63134
and 1719 Southridge Jefferson City Missouri 65109

Independent Supported Living (ISL)

ISL provides 24-hour staff support to people living with disabilities. Staff members assist program participants
with all aspects of personal care, cooking, medication, arranging transportation, coordinating medical care, community outings and social activities. Clients live with
1 to 3 roommates.

Independent Supported Living Assistance (ISLA)

ISLA provides up to 10 hours
per week of staff support to people with disabilities living in their own homes. Residents learn new skills in 10 primary areas: medical care, shopping, laundry, housework, safety, finance, transportation, jobs, socialization and cooking.

Program Goal: Provides the opportunity for people with multiple or severe disabilities to live in their own home or with a roommate.


 Outcomes Achieved:

  • 100% of clients have no out-of-home placements
  • 100% of clients receive routine medical care
  • 100% develop healthy relationships with family
    members and caregivers

Program Highlights:

  • 100% of clients maintained their own finances
  • Chamberlain Nursing students became volunteers