Adult Day Program

♦UCP Heartland Community Services, 4645 LaGuardia Drive, Berkeley, MO 63134

♦Gibbs Center, Jefferson City, MO, 1719 Southridge, Jefferson City MO 65109

♦Manchester Day Program, 13975 Manchester Road, Suite 2, Saint Louis MO 63011

The Adult Day Program provides individualized assistance for adults to choose activities and strengthen their skills. Services correspond with each individual’s abilities and include assistance with social, adaptive and other skills that foster a greater level of independence. Adult Day programs also benefit from a multitude of community groups who visit the centers to perform music, lead educational sessions and share their talents with program participants. Each adult day center focuses on choice.

Program participants choose the level of activity that is right for them, including a daily outing into the community.

Program Goal: Provide the opportunity for continued learning, skills enhancement, socialization and community inclusion.

 Outcomes Achieved:

  •  100% of persons served develop positive friendships with peers
  •  94% maintain/improve level of functioning
  •  99% maintain/improve quality of life
  •  95% of clients successfully manage their health

Program Highlights:

  • Gibbs Center in Jefferson City just opened a brand new, state of the art facility with three learning kitchens, a focus on employment training, adaptive tables and enriched environments.
  •  Each center has extensive, new technology and sensory equipment for programs
  •  UCP Heartland provides increased choices for outings into the community