First Community Game Night

UCP Heartland Program Director Luke (L) plays cornhole/bags with Stephanie (R) at Community Game Night

The first ever UCP Heartland “Community Game Night” debuted at Canterbury Center on Wednesday, December 13, bringing positive reviews. Program Director Luke Leidenfrost said, “I think people had fun, and we’re planning on hosting one every other month.” In all, more than 25 people attended “Community Game Night.” They played a variety of board games, card games, X-box 360, bags and app-based games on a Promethean Board which was described as a “HUGE hit!” by VP of Programs Craig Strohbeck.

Craig said the event brought together people who normally don’t interact with another. “It was incredible seeing people from different services engaging with each other, with staff and with community members.  This bonding experience is what builds bridges to bigger and better experiences for everyone involved.”

Immediately after the event, Craig said, “Everyone was asking how soon we could do it again so we’re already planning our next ‘Community Game Night’ in February, coordinating with other local providers and giving more advanced notice to the community.”

Craig described the event as “a party atmosphere with snacks, smiles, social victories and community.” We hope to see even more UCPH employees and supporters at February’s event!