Family Resources

Are you a family member or caretaker of a person living with a disability?
We created this page especially for you.

Finding helpful online resources can be time-consuming and challenging.
We hope to serve as a support along the way by gathering useful resources and information on this page.



Resources for Parents and Caretakers of Children with Special Needs

Teacher Resources for Special Needs: This page provides curriculum strategies and classroom management recommendations for students with a variety of learning needs. You can find printer-friendly documents as well as resources on topics such as English-language learners, educational technology, ADD/ADHD, teaching methodology, and learning disabilities.

Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child Can Thrive: Learn about modifications that can make your home more accessible for children living with a disability. This article includes subjects like how to adapt your home to medical equipment, how to make modifications while on a budget, and where to seek financial assistance for modifying your home.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities: The Disability Center at the University of Missouri curated a list of scholarships for students living with disabilities. This site includes scholarships specific to the University of Missouri as well as non-MU scholarships. The list is divided into groups based on the focus of the scholarship or sponsoring organization.

Special School District Family and Community Resource Center: The SSD of St. Louis County offers a comprehensive collection of resources related to special education and disabilities. Available materials range from videos, journal articles, resource packets on various disabilities, and thousands of books.

STARS (Special Needs Tracking & Awareness Response System): St. Louis area – The STARS program helps first responders and local hospital professionals have the information they need to quickly assist children with special medical needs in emergency situations. Families who have children with special medical needs can register with participating fire and ambulance districts and local hospitals. STARS representatives will meet with the family to discuss relevant medical information and what to expect as part of the program. For more information, contact the Cardinal Glennon STARS coordinator at 314-422-6383.

General Resource Categories


Disability and Credit Scores: In this article you can learn how to check your credit score, financial strategies when experiencing short or long-term disability, tips for debt relief, and how to help a loved one with a disability who has credit issues.

Financial Planning for Seniors with Special Needs: This article discusses federal, state and private financial resources available for senior adults with special needs. It also covers how to plan for your loved one’s future (trusts, long-term care insurance, power of attorney, living arrangements).


Home Safety & Organization

Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home for Seniors and People with Special Needs: This guide offers tips for organizing each room of your home in order to make it more accessible and to minimize the risk of falls and injuries.Tips cover topics like pantry organization, how to organize your shower for safety and digital record keeping.

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling: This page provides a thorough list of recommendations for how to help senior adults and people living with disabilities navigate areas under construction. The article also provides a list of steps to take if you or a loved one suffers an injury at a construction site.


Legal Resources

Legal Resources for Special Needs: This webpage provides a detailed overview of the legal concerns that elderly people and people with disabilities might encounter. Topics range from housing and employment to guardianship and civil rights. The article also discusses laws, documents and terms that will help you better understand key legal rights and processes.


Employment Resources

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor: This website provides categorized links to governmental resources on benefits, civil rights, community life, education and employment for people living with disabilities.

Talent Connect STL: Based in St. Louis, Talent Connect is a training-to-employment program designed to help people with disabilities start careers in the hotel and hospitality industry. Participants receive on-site training, so no prior experience in the industry is needed. The Talent Connect website offers information for job seekers as well as employers looking for dedicated, talented people to join their team. Talent Connect is a collaborative partnership program between UCP Heartland and The Center for Head Injury Services.


Technology & Access

Low Vision Gateway:  This website is a helpful starting point for learning about vision loss, blindness and other forms of vision impairment. The site contains dozens of links to information on an array of subjects: low vision aids, alternative media for the visually impaired, vision rehabilitation, discussion groups, bioptic driving and more.

AccessNow: AccessNow operates an interactive app and website described as ‘Yelp’ for accessibility. Users can view and share information about the accessibility of places all across the world, including parks, museums, restaurants and stores. The more users who contribute information, the more helpful and robust the program becomes!

Meeting Considerations & Conference Calling: This article provides a list of questions to consider when planning meetings to ensure colleagues with disabilities can actively participate. The article also discusses considerations when selecting technology for conference calling, including closed-captioning phone services.


Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Guide: This site serves as a general guide for topics related to cerebral palsy, including causes, diagnosis, types of CP, treatment approaches, community resources and legal resources. The site aims to answer questions parents and caregivers may have about cerebral palsy.