Celebrating Dr. Thomas Lieb’s Service at UCP Heartland

For more than twenty years, Dr. Thomas Lieb has supported the health and well-being of UCP Heartland participants and staff as the Medical Director at our Canterbury Center in St. Louis. This month we say goodbye to Dr. Lieb as he transitions to another role. We celebrate his time with us and are thankful for the care and expertise he has provided over the years.

Dr. Lieb began serving as our Medical Director in the 1990s after learning about the role through a colleague. As Medical Director, Dr. Lieb worked one or two days each month onsite at Canterbury Center. He said that for many years, the state required annual evaluations of participants to ensure they were free of communicable diseases. Dr. Lieb led these assessments and provided cursory evaluations for employees.

He was also instrumental in referring a subset of participants for an innovative technology called a baclofen pump, which helped treat muscle spasticity for people living with Cerebral Palsy. Dr. Lieb said helping clients with the baclofen pump was one of the most exciting aspects of his time at UCP Heartland. “We saw dramatic improvements in swallowing and speech,” said Dr. Lieb.

Over his years at UCP Heartland, Dr. Lieb made a lasting positive impact on program participants and coworkers. Joan Desloge, an RN at Canterbury Center, worked alongside Dr. Lieb for 23 years and described him as smart, kind and easy going. “He was always a great source of medical information, and I could always count on him to answer any questions that I might need help with,” said Joan. “He was dedicated to our consumers and their needs. He is my friend and I will miss him.”

We will miss Dr. Lieb at UCP Heartland and wish him the best. Dr. Lieb said he will continue serving in the healthcare field, conducting evaluations for veterans and working in hospital rehab units across the United States.