UCP Heartland Program Leadership Team

Jefferson City Programs, Oak Tree Respite, Employment Resources and Independent Residential Living
Judy Grainger
Senior Vice President of Programs

Services Navigator, Beacon Behavior Services, Youth Camps and Child Development Center

Dane Elrod
Vice President of Programs
314.994.1600, ext. 307

Shawna Hodge
Senior Director Respite


Adult Day Services
Community Services North and Manchester – St. Louis, MO
Megan Ingerman
Senior Director Adult Day, Canterbury Center
314.994.1600 ext. 304


Adult Day Services
Community Services North 
Jayne Grisham
Director of Adult Day
314.994.1600 ext. 328


Gibbs Center for Independence – Jefferson City, MO
Adult Day and Habilitation Services
Lisa Palmer


UCP Heartland Child Development Center Columbia, MO
Christy Weisel
Center Director


Employment Resources – St. Louis, MO
Richard Coleman
Senior Director of Employment Resources and Talent Connect
314.994.1600 ext. 3318

Monica Edmonds
Director of Employment Resources
314.994.1600 ext. 3319


Residential ServicesSt. Louis, MO

Kelli Adcock
Director Residential Programs
314.994.1600 ext. 314

Tanya McGee
Assistant Director Residential Services
314.994.1600 ext. 309



If you are unable to locate a specific staff person, please contact us at 636-227-6030