Book by John Raymond Groebl Benefits UCP Heartland

Book of Poems, Stories and Scripts by John Raymond Groebl

– Benefiting the UCP Heartland Mission – 


A gardener and a poet, John Raymond Groebl was born in 1930 with Cerebral Palsy. He never let CP define him, typing with just one finger and using a red wagon to assist with gardening. After his passing, Mr. Groebl’s family compiled his poetry into a book called “Why Did God Make Me? In one passage, he writes: “My books and discussions with people have taught me that WE are the makers of our own prison…or our own freedom.”

Through the generosity of Mr. Groebl’s family, UCP Heartland is the beneficiary of book sales from “Why Did God Make Me?” You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon and explore the world through John’s creative and nurturing perspective while supporting other people living with disabilities.


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John’s backyard world
Dorothy (L), John’s sister, visited him in his care center as he grew older. She always brought his favorite coffee and ice cream.
John’s immediate and extended family showed him great care and acceptance. L-R: Marie (John’s mother), John, Sr. Louise Benecke and John
John at his typewriter