Young Professionals Board Launches

The Kendra Scott store at Plaza Frontenac buzzed with activity on March 21 as people browsed the jewelry displays, sipped champagne and snacked on pastel macaroons. UCP Heartland partnered with Kendra Scott to hold a 3 hour launch party for our first-ever Young Professionals Board (YPB). The event also served as a fundraiser, with Kendra Scott donating 20% of the evening’s proceeds to UCP Heartland. We had a great turnout of staff, drop-in shoppers and young professionals interested in learning more about the board.

The YPB will be the first of its kind for UCP Heartland, and we’re looking for motivated young leaders from across the community to form our founding board:

  • Ages 20-40
  • Passionate about advancing the productivity, independence and full citizenship of children and adults living with disabilities
  • Come from a wide range of professions and experiences
  • Interested in donating time, resources and expertise to the mission.

To learn more and get involved, contact Lauren Smith, our Major Gifts Officer: |  636-779-2282

Advocacy in Action at the MO State Capitol: 17th Annual Disability Rights Legislative Day

The hallways and rooms in the Missouri State Capitol were buzzing with activity and people on March 14, 2018. Organizations and individuals from across the state gathered at the Capitol to advocate for the rights of people living with disabilities as part of the 17th Annual Disability Rights Legislative Day.

UCP Heartland participants and staff from St. Louis, Jefferson City and Columbia joined the advocacy day, adding their voices and presence to the mix. The presence of so many people in the Capitol demonstrated the support behind key legislative issues and helped raise awareness of how certain laws can inhibit the rights of people living with disabilities. Advocates visited representatives’ offices and held a packed rally on the ground floor.

Key issues discussed included:
• HB 1553: Revisions to the Missouri Gaurdianship Law,
Chapter 475, RSMO, which was enacted in 1983
• HB 2130: “Missouri Employment First Act”to support
competitive integrated employment programs and opportunities
• HB 2171: Making ABLE Accounts (tax-advantaged savings accounts for people with disabilities and their families) more accessible for individuals in the blind pension program
• HB 1527 and SB 699: Removing barriers to employment for people living with disabilities and adequately funding Consumer Directed Services, which can help people living with disabilities remain in their own homes and have more control over their care

Click here to learn more about these legislative issues.

Find out the name of your representative:

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